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Note: Minimum order value €45,95
Note: Minimum order value €45,95

Magnesium Anode Bag 7.7KG/17lb 1.7V, INCL 32 ft. of 8 gauge red XLPE/PVC cable, for underground propane tanks and pipes

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American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard B843

Anode bags prevent your propane tank, wires above and below ground from corrosion. By using an anode bag, we extend the lifespan of these products. We deliver worldwide, If you have any questions, please check the product description and FAQ below or contact us.

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Product Description

Magnesium Anode Bag 17lb/45lb 1.7V, INCL 32 ft. of 8 gauge red XLPE/PVC cable
 Looking for a smaller size? Checkout the 9lbs version here

With the right amount of anodes you can provide complete cathodic protection to your underground installation. Done correctly, this will provide immunity to corrosion for tanks, piping, sheet pilings, etc. Meaning that your underground object doesn't need to be changed because of corrosion for many years to come. 

  • Net weight: 7.7 KG / 17lb
  • Gross weight: 20 KG / 45lb
  • Material: Magnesium
  • Cable: AWG 8, insulated copper wire. Can easily be shortened to desired length
  • Type: High Potential, 1.7V, M1C
  • Cast specs: Cast to meet the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)Standard B843

Of all available anode materials, magnesium is the one that has the highest driven voltage. Because of this,
Magnesium anodes are used advantageously in soil and water with high resistivity.
Normally, there are two different qualities being used: standard potential (1.5V) and high potential (1.7V).
When the anodes are designated for underground installation, we delivered them as standard
with a backfill mix of bentonite, as well as 32ft long red XLPE / PVC 8 AWG cable.
The cable connection is embedded in epoxy for extra long durability and current discharge reasons. 

Our Magnesium anode bag for underground tanks:

  • Protects your underground propane tank from corrosion (cathodic protection)
  • Includes canvas bag, metal particle filling, and connection wire
  • 1 bag for 500 gallon tank, 2 bags for 1000 gallon tank
  • Bare weight 17lbs, with surrounding filling 40lbs

Application recommendations

Anodes made from magnesium can protect underground tanks under most soil conditions. The High potential alloy is very effective. Based on conservative design assumptions, the table below provides recommendations for various tank sizes. This chart covers soil conditions up to 10,000 ohm-centimeter resistivity. Resistivities higher than 10,000 ohm-centimeter represent parched soils. Verification of soil resistivity can be performed through soil analysis. If there is no effective external coating on the tank or soil resistivity exceeds 10,000 ohm-cm, contact us for design recommendations.

Soil Type

Fertile Soils, Clay,Sandy Loam

Sand, Gravel, Rocky Areas

Tank Cap.

5 to 5000 ohm-cm

5000 to 10000 ohm-cm